The bow  



For many years now, Gilles DUHAUT exports his bows worldwide, to Japan, the USA and South Korea.

He regularly visits these countries to meet the musicians.

On the spot he makes copies of the frog and the "bouton" of the old bows used by the professionals, in order to save and preserve these fragile pieces.

Planing of the stick

He also works closely with Professors of the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris, for higher level students preparing for their exams.
He also makes bows for the professional orchestra musicians and international Soloists: Misha Maisky, Yuri Bashmet, Franz Helmerson...

He participate many times in the Master Class of great musician like François Rabbath.   

When he created his first Bowmaking workshop in Mirecourt in 1982, Gilles DUHAUT, fierce defender of the tradition of the French School of Bowmaking, felt the urge to train. He has had in total 9 apprentices and 8 trainees, foreigners or French alike.

Gilles DUHAUT works with one assistant and one trainee.

Assistants in the workshop also make "handmade" bows, for students of Music Schools or of Music Conservatories. These are of a handmade quality and priced very reasonably.

The Jazz bow

Gilles DUHAUT developed a new bow specific to jazz music after coming in contact with the famous jazz violinist Didier Lockwood.

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A different balance, heavier at the pointe, more in accordance with the requirement of the electric violins made nowadays, and a modern design are the characteristics of this bow. Didier Lockwood's latest albums mention that the artist uses Gilles DUHAUT bows.



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