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Becoming a Bowmaker

The school is situated at Saint Pierre des Corps, next to the city of TOURS, France.
It accepts 4 students per year, aged 18 to 45.
The training is open to both french and foreign students. Knowledge of English, or good level
French compulsory for foreigners. Intensive french courses are available in Tours.
Candidates will be pre-selected upon a cover letter detailing motivation, an interview and preliminary tests if needed.

Required knowledge and aptitude :
- Manual skills
- Good hand at woodwork
- Artistic sense
- Playing a string instrument would be a plus.

The school proposes a training with an emphasis on manual work : traditional craftmanship and know-how, wich nevertheless is combined with a creative approach, aiming to meet contemporary demands.

Course content

Long term course :
A minimum 2 year course; could be extended to a third year.
Caters to beginers (4 trainees).
The course leads to a certificate or a diploma validated by the school.

The course allows to accquire skills necessary for the making, over a given period of time, of a bow A to Z; to be acquainted with different types of materials (wood, bone, ivory, mmother-of-pearl, leather, mane, precious metals...) to be able to handle tools (planes, clasp knives, files, scissors...) and various techniques for repairing bows.

Short term course :

Minimum training of 6 months, wich gives access to modules, of 3 to 6 months duration on a selected theme (regular maintenance, repairing, bending, reshaping...).
The course is designed for beginners, ore else professional violinmakers needed to add to their abilities. 2 seats are available.

Work on different types of material (wood, bone, ivory, mother-of-pearl, leather, mane, precious metals...), handling of tools (planes) and initiation to bow repairing, keeping the style and spirit of the Master bowmaker.

For details and enquiries about dates and cost of the course, please contact :
Gilles Duhaut - 40 rue de la Morinerie - 37700 Saint Pierre des Corps
Tel : 00 +33 6 83 64 23 86
- archet.duhaut@gmail.com

Visit Gilles Duhaut' website : www.archet.com




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